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Tim's VermeerIf you have not seen Penn & Teller’s 2013 documentary “Tim’s Vermeer,” do so. It follows Tim Jenison’s obsession with discovering and proving how Vermeer could have produced his masterpieces.

Why am I telling you to watch it?

Besides being an interesting foray into how Vermeer might have created his masterpieces, the film leaves the viewer questioning where the line between art and technology lies or even if there is any such line.

Some reviewers criticize Tim for trying to debunk Vermeer’s genius. I hold the opposing viewpoint. That Vermeer was able to sort out and apply some very interesting technology in order to produce his amazing paintings does not diminish his artistic ability but rather enhances it.

Here is a review from the Wall Street Journal.

You can watch Tim’s Vermeer on line for free in various places and also on iTunes or Amazon for $3.99.