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St. John Series Boards

St. John Series Boards

Here I am setting off on this adventure of creating a single body of work for exhibition all together – one subject, one theme. At this point, I am planning seven icons.

An artist friend suggested that when she planned a series, she hung all her canvasses for the series on her studio wall. It made the enormity of what she planned real. That clicked with me. So I came home and followed suit.

The photo above shows the seven boards and a few weeks’ progress on the first two. I feel good about coming into the studio and seeing the progress. The wall is also a place where I can tape notes and ideas near the various boards.

The boards themselves are each different from the others, largely because that is what I had on hand. But, I shall use those differences to explore how the very support on which you paint affects the work.

This will be fun.