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Icons get transported for all sorts of reasons. They are taken on trips. They are stored in closets or under the bed. They are taken to church. They are after all liturgical objects, made for use by those who love them. They are not meant to be put behind glass in a museum. So, here are the cases I have made for the icons I am currently painting. I got the idea from my friend Fr. Charles LaFond – a great lover and collector of icons.

A bit of instruction for the craftspersons among you. I made them from “fleece” that I bought at JoAnn’s. These seven cases were made from three yards. The black cotton twill tape I ordered off Amazon. It cost about $18 for 100 yards.

I am going to let the photos tell the story. If you need more information, email me.  I will tell you that I sew on the tape before I run the seams up the sides. That’s the only tricky bit.