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2017 Declared Golden Year!!!!!!!!


Booklets of Gold Leaf

Booklets of Gold Leaf

I have always loved working with gold, whether it was couching Japanese gold thread on silk embroideries, going wild with artificial gold thread on machine embroidery, or laying 24K gold on egg tempera paintings.

Gold catches the eye and accentuates whatever it touches. Gold makes the message it enhances even more precious.

Not only is gold itself costly, so is the learning and time to acquire the necessary skill to lay it properly.

If I put gold on a painting or icon, it makes me the artist sit up and take notice. I have to plan more meticulously, work more carefully, and, above all, finish and hang the piece.

By reflecting the faces of those who stand before it, highly burnished gold even brings the viewer into the icon itself.

Finally, so much gold is just flat cool.

So, 2017 is “My Golden Year.” I promise you will be seeing a lot more gold in my work.

Maybe by the end of the year I will have The Midas Touch.

“Oh Give Me a Home . . .”

Sculpture of Buffalo on 16th Street in Denver

Buffalo Roaming on 16th Street in Denver

We are in Denver where (unlike Jackson) the only buffalo that roam are steel sculptures on 16th Street. Ron is working hard at the job of Interim Dean at Saint John’s Episcopal Cathedral. My studio is in our apartment high above the streets of downtown Denver. After six weeks here, we are as settled as we will ever be.
I considered writing about all that is involved in our moving from one gig to the next and even outlined the process which can take anywhere from four to eight months from beginning to end. It made me tired just seeing everything written down in one place. It is part of the job, part of the calling.
The important thing is that we are delighted to have this opportunity to be in this place with these people.