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This past week, I again hauled a large suitcase of iconography supplies over to St. John’s Episcopal Church in Jackson, Wyoming. This time I spoke to third, fourth, and fifth graders–a much calmer group. The music festival chamber group was rehearsing in the chancel so we skipped the field trip up there to look at the icons already in place.

After a brief introduction of what icons are and how they are used, we dived straight into the craft of iconography.

We ground a bit of pigment with the glass and muller. We separated eggs and made the tempera solution. Each participant picked out three pigments and a brush. They put bits of the egg into dishes and I doled out the pigments.

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I had brought an icon pattern for them to color, but I could see that our limited time would not allow them to finish that. Instead each student received a blank piece of water color paper and painted what they wished with paint they had made themselves.

Of course, they were fascinated by the experience, and the parents who came to pick them up just had to wait until they were done.

Clearly, one of our artists sees himself in the picture.