An Icon for The Chapel of the Transfiguration

On March 16, 2016, the vestry of The Episcopal Church in Jackson Hole approved my painting an icon of the Transfiguration to be hung in the log chapel that sits in the middle of the valley beneath the Grand Teton in Grand Teton National Park in northwestern Wyoming. The gallery below tells the story. Click on each photo to learn more. [click here to return to the thumbnails]

Apr. 7, 2016

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The Board Arrives

Mary at Innerglow Painting Panels once took a four-day horse pack trip down the Snake River in Teton Park. She lives in Pennsylvania now with her husband a portrait painter. She started making these lovely panels for him and then word spread.

She cut the high grade 3/4 inch marine plywood to my specifications, 30 x 24 inches. Then she laminated some sort of very nice painting surface to it.

Since Ron and I move around a lot, she had several addresses in her system. Well, as luck would have it, one of the Arlington, Texas addresses got onto the box. She realized her mistake thirty minutes after the FedEx truck left her home. Attempts to reroute it failed. Fortunately, the address was my brother’s house so FedEx picked it up and then brought it to Jackson.

It arrived safe and sound.

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