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Second Graders Get It!

I talked to seven second graders yesterday afternoon about icons, as a part of a week-long after-school program at St. John’s Church in Jackson Hole.

Second Graders get icons. They just get it. They relate to pictures more than words. They like to hold the icons in their hands and look at them.

They are amazed that you can grind up a rock and mix it with egg and paint with it.

They get symbolism. Jesus’s halo always has a cross on it. No cross; it’s not Jesus.

They understand that if you are going to color a picture of Jesus, you need to calm down and say a prayer first.

They love color and use the rainbow to show the uncreated light of God.

They understand that Jesus is God so The Transfiguration makes perfect sense to them.

Here is their coloring page.

Christ Transfigured Coloring Page